Logistics and transportation in Argentina

We are experts in National Logistics and we distribute from and to all points of the country general cargo and dangerous goods (IMO) through a modern fleet of specialized vehicles for every need.

National Logistics Services

In our National Logistics division, we transport solutions to every corner of Argentina, with units specially selected for your type of cargo.
We transport all kinds of goods according to your needs, since we study each case in a personalized way to offer high quality national logistics services at competitive prices.

Loose cargo

We move loose merchandise to all corners of the country.

Unitized load

We transport goods already packed and ready to be handled.


We take your containers from the port to any destination in the country.

Bulk cargo

We move large quantities of dry loads, saving time and without waste.

Dangerous Goods

We have specialized units for the transportation of hazardous products.

Refrigerated loads

Our special units allow the transport of refrigerated goods.

Fragile goods

We carefully handle your fragile cargoes offering a special treatment in their transportation.

Bulky loads

We have special vehicles for the transportation of bulky loads.

Food charges

We move food products with specialized units for this purpose.

Land Transportation

At Interborders we have a wide availability of specialized vehicles for each type of cargo and need. Our team of experts will be able to advise you on which is the most suitable unit for your requirements, thus saving costs and time when contracting land freight transportation.

Spider Container Carrier,
Semi Beach and Short Spider

Sider semi-trailer

Cargo Van

Tipping Rail Semi-Trailer

Truck Chassis and Outrigger

Small and Large Utility Vehicles

Usual Routes
of National Logistics

Whether through direct point or delivery, we move goods from the Port of Buenos Aires to any destination in the country.


rutas habituales
Chaco Santa Fé Córdoba Entre Ríos Neuquén La Pampa Corrientes San Juan Mendoza Tucumán Misiones Buenos Aires San Luis


Santa Fé


Entre Ríos


La Pampa


San Juan




Buenos Aires

San Luis

Get to know our usual routes

We have the latest technology devices that allow us to check your loads minute by minute, thus ensuring that the delivery and distribution of the national logistics service is carried out in a timely manner.

On a daily basis, our inland freight service arrives from the Port of Buenos Aires to all AMBA, Santa Fe, San Luis, Córdoba, Mendoza, Chaco and Tucumán.

On a monthly basis, we cover the rest of the provinces of the
Argentine Republic.

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