From Warehousing and Warehouse Management System (WMS) to consolidation and deconsolidation services, we are prepared to boost your logistics operations efficiently and effectively. Discover how our adaptability translates into comprehensive solutions that fit perfectly to your needs.

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Warehouse | Interborders

Algunos de nuestros servicios

Transporte | Interborders


We manage door-to-door transportation to satisfy every logistical need.

Servicios complementarios | Interborders

Additional Services

Customized solutions to adapt to specific requirements.

Almacenamiento | Interborders


Storage and distribution infrastructure for different types of cargo.

Warehouse | Interborders


Strategic location for the collection and return of containerized and palletized cargo.

¿Why Interborders?

We promptly study the needs of our clients, and coordinate solutions that guarantee the success of their operations.

Eficiencia | Interborders


Implementation of advanced logistics systems to reduce costs and increase delivery speed.

Creatividad | Interborders


Constant development of creative solutions to overcome market challenges and improve competitiveness.

Adaptabilidad | Interborders


Design tailored strategies that perfectly align with the specific objectives and culture of each client.

Discover a more innovative and effective way to optimize your supply chain.

It has the following benefits

Contenedores | Interborders

Municipal authorization to function as General Consignee warehouses

Fire installation certification approved by Firefighters. (Hydrant and Fire Extinguisher Network)

Permanent 24/7 security guard in direct contact with the Commissioner

Monitoring provided by the company “SPS” with dual technology sensors and cameras both indoors and outdoors.

Grounding measurement throughout the property. (Res. SRT 900/2015)

Evacuation Drill approved by Civil Defense.

Disinfestation and Monthly Disinfestation.

Our logistics solutions

Warehousing | Interborders

Warehousing and Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Servicios de consolidación para exportaciones y desconsolidación de importaciones | Interborders

Consolidation services for exports and deconsolidation of imports

Servicios de consolidación para exportaciones y desconsolidación de importaciones | Interborders

Picking and bulk storage service

Clasificación y paletización | Interborders

Sorting and palletizing

Preparación y etiquetado | Interborders

Preparation and labeling

Cross Docking directo e indirecto | Interborders

Direct and indirect Cross Docking

We are committed to providing comprehensive logistics solutions that adapt to your needs and promote efficient and effective international trade.

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